We’re now just a few months away from the theatrical release of director Paul Feig’s Ghostsbusters, and while we’ve seen a good bit of footage and a handful of images from the movie, big details are also being kept purposefully mysterious and hidden prior to the film’s arrival. Lucky for you, we got a very special look behind the scenes of the movie when it was in production last year, and can provide you with some info about the cool things we learned.

Last September, I hopped on a plane to Boston, Massachusetts, and along with a small group of other film journalists, had the opportunity to watch some of the production in addition to interviewing Ghostbusters’ lead actors and filmmakers. We learned a lot of great stuff, so read on for a fun inside scoop on the new movie!

The finale is a huge showdown in Times Square
Given that the movie was shooting in Boston, we did actually get to see the Ghostbusters in the middle of the real Times Square, but we did get to watch them fight their final battle against a bunch of ghosts in a large green screen environment meant to represent the famous tourist center of Manhattan. For spoiler reasons, we weren’t provided a great deal of context in regards to who all of the ghosts were and why they were attacking the Ghostbusters, but one thing that was made very clear is that the spirits all come from different eras – from the colonial period to the swinging 1920s. From Melissa McCarthy being strung up on wires and dragged around the set, to the wide variety of gadgets used by the whole team, it was a wild scene to see them shoot, and looks like it will be a lot of fun up on the big screen.

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