When you're good at what you do, demand can only grow for your skills. Just ask any Hollywood actor who has made it big in the business, and they'll tell you that when success hits, the offers typically are only eclipsed by the budgets attached to them. But be careful, because all it takes is one big dud to knock you back, and a couple to take you off the A-list entirely.

This list of 10 stars can all attest to that fact, as they once had the keys to the kingdom – until reality snatched the keys right back.

Eddie Murphy
The Rise: Throughout the 80's and 90's, Eddie Murphy seemed to be able to balance his hits with his losses. For every misfire like Boomerang and Vampire In Brooklyn, there were still hits like Bowfinger and Dr. Doolittle. Perhaps his biggest hit in his later career is, of course, The Nutty Professor -- where he played almost the entire Klump family to a hysterical degree.

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back: If The Adventures Of Pluto Nash was a warning shot, Norbit was the iceberg that finally sunk Murphy's career. Despite being a financial draw, it was widely panned as a dud by critics and crowds alike. Worse still, it lead to Murphy's backslide into a spate of sentimental comedy films that couldn't even make their small budgets back.

The Fallout: Basically, Eddie Murphy only has one option at this point, and he's taking his sweet time getting Beverly Hills Cop 4 into production. Maybe his time in movie hell has inspired him to take a little more care in choosing his projects, as Tower Heist helped boost his profile a little. Still, you can bet that Beverly Hills Cop 4 is probably going to come in on a budget akin to Ride Along, so as to maximize the profit output.

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