This past weekend’s San Andreas added yet another classic movie d-bag to the roster in the form of Ioan Gruffud’s Daniel. He’s everything your average moviegoer loves to hate: he’s uber-rich, he’s building San Francisco’s tallest skyscraper (which, in an earthquake movie, automatically makes him an oblivious dummy) and he flaunts his extravagance, like with his private jet. But it all works out in the public’s favor, as he gets what he deserves in the end.

That’s the part that makes him a character you love to see either humiliated or offed -- tragically and karmically. And there are plenty more where he came from. Let’s hear it for all those actors and actresses who played totally jerks/assholes/jackasses/blemishes on society — we can go on — to make the good guys be even more likable, and to bring us all together to hate on them.

Dennis Nedry, Jurassic Park
Money corrupts and breeds total douchebags. When Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) falls victim to some financial problems, he agrees to use his position at the park to steal dinosaur DNA and smuggle it off the island. He plants a virus in the computer system to cause a diversion, but that leads to the dinos getting loose from their cages and wreaking havoc. When Nedry’s car breaks down in a torrential storm and he comes face to face with shrieking death, it’s an appropriate outcome for an aggravating character.

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