Don’t you just hate it when everyone lives happily ever after? Movies are supposed to be reflections of reality, which is not always rainbows and smiles. But, for better or worse, we all just love watching uplifting, thrilling and heart-wrenching stories about the human experience that somehow all works out for the main characters in the end. That’s where these specific films stand out.

We meet them, we grow attached to them, and they are ripped away from us. These are the tragically fated main characters who are unceremoniously offed in films. And just when we were growing accustomed to their faces. There are films, like the recent San Andreas, with a lot of implied deaths; there are the films where everyone but the main characters bite the dust; and then there are the ones where no one is safe. That’s what makes them exciting.

Here’s to the films that kill off most, if not all, of their main characters and keep us all on our toes.

1. Clue
Year: 1985
Key Characters Who Die: Mr. Boddy, The Cook, Yvette, The Cop, The Motorist, The Singing Telegram Girl, Wadworth (sometimes).
Why It Works: While the board game on which the film is based has Mr. Boddy as the only casualty, the Clue movie sees a lot more bodies dropping like flies. Layering alternate ending after alternate ending on top of each other ups the stakes considerably, and though the murderer changes constantly, the same half-dozen will not walk out of that mansion alive. The audience comes for a murder mystery and is treated to three. It takes a pretty straightforward film adaptation of a board game and makes it much more interesting.

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