In addition to just being an all around great film, Zootopia is also a ton of fun to look at. The city of Zootopia is packed full of jokes and references, mostly of the animal pun variety. But beyond that, the film contains numerous easter eggs that nod to everything from your favorite band to your favorite Disney movies from the past. With that in mind, here are our favorite subtle, and not so subtle, pop culture references found in Zootopia.

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The Bootleg DVDs
The second time we encounter the criminal weasel voiced by Alan Tudyk (more on him later) he’s selling bootleg DVDs. The first table is selling popular Zootopia versions of your favorite recent Disney hits, including Pig Hero 6, Wrangled, and Wreck-it Rhino. The true highlight here, however, is the next table, which is selling movies based on upcoming Disney films. Meowana is a reference to Disney’s pacific island princess movie Moana, which will be out in November. Giraffic refers to Disney’s planed Jack & the Beanstalk movie Gigantic, planned for 2018, and, the eventual Floatzen 2, which is a movie we will get one day.

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