See Kristen Bell Hysterically Cry Over A Sloth

Most people have a weird fantasy hanging out somewhere inside their brains. They might not bring it up in casual conversation, but chances are, deep down, some utterly bizarre goal is lingering. For actress Kristen Bell, it’s always been to meet a sloth. She’s loved them since she was a kid, and she always hoped she’d get to hang out with one.

Her fiancé, Dax Shepard, being an awesome dude, decided to surprise her with a visit from the animal for her birthday, but the situation quickly spiraled out of control. She’s apparently always been a bit of an excitable woman. By her own admission, if she’s not between a three and seven on the emotional spectrum, she’s probably crying or about to cry. So, when the sloth showed up, all hell broke lose. Good thing the Parenthood star was filming it.

This whole awesome/ hilarious debacle came out in an interview with Ellen, and if you didn’t watch it live, I highly recommend checking out the clip below. It’s like watching a six year old being told there’s a pony in the other room…

Is it me or does something awesome come out in an Ellen interview like once a week? That woman has an absolute gift for making her guests feel comfortable. It’s a good thing too. I can’t imagine many people could have convinced her telling this gem was the right move. In retrospect, it was. I like Kristen Bell even more now, and I’m sure a whole lot of other viewers feel the same way.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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