2015 has been a big year at the movies. Four films have already surpassed the billion-dollar mark, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which could very well be the biggest, is yet to come. But this year wasn’t just big at the box office, there was a lot of activity on the home market as well.

The folks who are in charge of crunching the data over at Google Play have combed through their numbers for 2015 and compiled their ten biggest sellers for the year. While there are some expected titles, there are a few entries that you might not have seen coming, and others that are missing entirely. Let’s take a look at what people were watching from the comfort of their homes this year.

10. Jurassic World
Though Jurassic World may have been the biggest movie in theaters so far this year, it comes in at number ten on Google’s list. It’s been available for a shorter time than many of the others, so the dinosaur adventure will likely climb the ranks as time passes.

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