Believe it or not, 2006 was a hell of a year for film. While Hollywood continued to crawl out of the dark ages that were the early Aughts, the hits just kept on coming. With both awards bait and blockbuster fare becoming increasingly better by the month, the ten best films out of the crop were a hard bunch to select. But if you look really hard, you can begin to peg out ten gems that really shine in the crown that was 2006's achievements. Here now are those ten films, which are naturally open to interpretation, but represent our portrait of the best films of that year.

10. The Departed
The greatest irony about The Departed is that Martin Scorsese ended up winning his first Best Director AND the Best Picture trophy on the back of this Boston flavored crime drama. The change in venue doesn't dull Scorsese's talents, and despite it being what some consider to be an inferior remake of its source material, the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, it's still a fun film. With Jack Nicholson anchoring the whole universe down as the crime boss that Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon are working on opposite sides of, the film boasts some wonderfully comedic moments with a cast to die for. It also has some of the most unexpected deaths in any crime drama, which helps the film keep the audience guessing the whole way through.

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