Congratulations to this year’s nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards! Now, if you could do us a small favor and tone down your celebrations, because you are going to make the following people upset. There are only so many slots the Academy can fill on the overall Oscar ballot. For all of the lucky performers and below-the-line craftsmakers who were thrilled to hear their names called this morning on live television, there’s a pool of worthy individuals (and films) that felt like they were in the running… right up until the time that they weren’t.

So, what were the biggest snubs from the 88th Annual Academy Awards nominations? Let’s look at the ones I was most surprised to see on the outside, looking in this morning.

Johnny Depp, Black Mass
The five actors nominated in the Best Actor category appeared to be locks for the last few days, but you could have made cases that the Academy didn’t love Steve Jobs enough to nominate Michael Fassbender, or that Eddie Redmayne just won last year for The Theory of Everything, so he wouldn’t get nominated again. Instead, both men got in, and I’m arguing that they took Johnny Depp’s slot. Depp’s portrayal of James "Whitey" Bulger in Black Mass got early Oscar buzz. He seems to have peaked too soon, however, because it didn’t happen for him this morning.

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