Sorry folks: Edgar Wright has just left Ant-Man, and Sam Raimi ain't walking through that door. Marvel is dead-set on making that July 17, 2015 release date, and with a full cast already, they're not going to waste time in naming someone to take Wright's place.

However, Marvel's penny-wise, pound-foolish maneuvers have resulted in a few dispiriting choices in their filmography, and you wonder if they've learned from these minor mistakes. The question is how much of Ant-Man has been realized thus far through pre-production work? And what director would get in bed with a movie that's already been pre-visualized to that extent?

The answer is likely a director eager for a big-time gig, a director who is affordable, and a director who isn't used to getting what he wants. Judging by Wright's decorated filmography, he wasn't one of those things. But who is? We tossed back a dozen possibilities, and here's what we came up with.

joe cornish
Joe Cornish
Why? Cornish has been Wright's writing partner on Ant-Man since the project's 2006 inception. Since that ridiculously long incubation period, Cornish has gone on to prove himself as a filmmaker with Attack The Block, a fast and funny sci-fi action film that immediately got the attention of Hollywood. Cornish has been reluctant to jump to Hollywood, however, and could be wary of taking over for the work his friend Wright has already completed.

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