The 15 Best And Strangest Aliens From The Men In Black Movies

Thank you, Rick Baker. Without your limitless, Oscar-winning imagination, the Men In Black universe would be mighty boring (and we probably wouldn’t return as often as we do). As audiences prepare to strap in for the third MIB this Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to revisit the first two films and spotlight the 15 weirdest creatures who walk among us,as featured in the first two Men in Black movies. Sorry, Michael Jackson, but you didn’t make the cut. Find out who - or what - did below (and look out for Eric's one-on-one interview with Rick Baker, which will be running later today!):


This alien with the fake head might only be in the movie so Tommy Lee Jones can make a crack about human being aliens and space aliens, but it’s still every bit as cool as the detached head Arnold wields in Total Recall.

Apart from Vincent D’Onofrio’s loose-skinned alien, this dude with the gill eyes looks the most human. As such, you would think he’d be the least mesmerizing, but those eyes are bizarrely creepy. If you look at them from the right angle, I’m pretty sure they tell you how you’re going to die, which, according to Big Fish is a good thing.

How does this dude’s head grow back so quickly? What regenerative powers is he blessed with? He’s like the Hydra, and I want his life immediately.

By themselves, each of these tiny aliens would be creepy, but together, they seem to have the powers of one average butler. I wonder if they’d clean out my garage in exchange for food.

Take your pick. At the MIB headquarters, it’s a veritable Grand Central Station of extraterrestrial weirdos, though this slug who catches Agent J’s eye makes us laugh and cringe, simultaneously.

Tommy Lee Jones refers to this baby alien as a squid, and his observation is quite astute. He seems to be able to survive on land, but like that mermaid in Splash, think he’d feel more comfortable in a bathtub.

This dude is so tiny; yet, he seems to have superior brainpower. Is it just brain size relative to total body weight? Is he just the smartest of his kind? I need to talk to a scientist immediately.

Clearly, a lot of the Men In Black budget was devoted to creating this dude, and I must say, it was money well spent. His gigantic frame is very detailed, and to this day, anytime I see a guy with loose skin, I get nervous he’s going to turn into this hideous and imposing specimen. Luckily, none have thus far.

MEN IN BLACK 2 (2002)

The main alien from Men In Black 2 starts off so tiny, and almost looks like a flower bouquet when angered. Then it turns into Lara Flynn Boyle, and all hell starts breaking loose.

So this guy is the reason New York’s subways smell as bad as they do. Watch his teeth, though. His bite can chew through a train car.

Johnny Knoxville’s sidekick creature believes that two heads are better than one … except when Boyle’s serpentine tentacles are poring snake-like creatures through his various ears and nostrils.

As MIB taught us, pretty much everyone who works for the postal service is an alien. Our favorite has to be this multi-armed dude who defines the term “Express Mail.” He should quit smoking, though. Terrible for his alien lungs.

During a pivotal fight, Agent K (Jones) encounters the unfortunately-named Ball-Chinian. Pretty self-explanatory.

Have you ever wondered what lives inside of the lockers in bus stations and train depots in every major city? Here’s your answer: Small universes of furry creatures who worship wristwatches. Cool.

What’s worse than a sullen, semi-bald alien who bears a striking resemblance to comedian Chris Elliott? How about four of those creatures, each with their own flying ships?! Do you have a favorite we missed? Shoot us a message in the comments section below.

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