When Kevin Costner speaks, people listen. The actor has had a leading-man career spanning 30 years, filled with hits and bombs, Oscars and Razzies, highlights and embarrassments. And yet, it's 2014, and when we need comfort from a movie star, he's one of our last best bets. Last year he mentored the very first DC hero in Man of Steel and this Friday he'll be leading an NFL team from the front office in Draft Day. When you need a man in charge, you call Kevin.

Costner's played a variety of parts in his career, but he's most known for a certain conviction, one that's allowed him to play leaders, captains of industry, bosses and fathers. So while a best-of Costner retrospective would be simple, we've decided to compile a 24 hour marathon of the Costner roles where he spoke with the sort of authority that made people listen and respect him. Salute the great American legend, Mr. Kevin Costner.

Tin Cup
Settle in at noon with one of Costner's many sporting roles. As retired pro Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy, Costner now drinks the day away on his own driving range, giving golf lessons when he pleases. Rene Russo is sexy as hell in this: showing up as a competitor's randy wife, she seeks a lesson with McAvoy, and by lesson we mean wink wink nudge nudge say no more. Costner is excellent in a role where he has to be a mess, but one with the authority to still rule over the game.

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