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Way before Alaska was a place we associated with aerial wolf-hunting and convicted felons running for Senate, it was turned into a vampire playground in 30 Days of Night. And way before that movie came out last fall, we told you the people producing it had plans to make a sequel, apparently uninterested in whether or not audiences actually liked the movie they made.

Now our rumor, over a year and a half old, has been confirmed: Bloody Digusting has it from a tipster that Mandate Pictures is officially working on a sequel (31 Days of Night??), with Steve Niles (who wrote the first film) and Ben Ketal signed on as screenwriters. They've also one-upped us by including some plot details: "Stella seeks revenge on the blood-thirsty vampires that destroyed her sleepy Alaskan town." As far as we can tell, Melissa George, who played Stella in the film, has yet to sign on for the sequel.

30 Days of Night was a decent-sized hit when it came out in 2007, and a good candidate for a sequel when audiences seem to be tiring of the Saw brand of horror. But are we ready to visit Alaska again after seeing it constantly in the news for the past few months? With vampires thrown into the mix, I have a feeling Sarah Palin will be the furthest thing from audience's minds.