300: Rise Of An Empire Delivers Two New Stills

300: Rise of an Empire Crew

Zack Snyder is only serving as a producer on 300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to the 2006 blockbuster about how the Spartans fought off the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, but looking at the first stills released from the movie it would seem that director Noam Murro has done his best to capture the same aesthetic.

USA Today has posted the first look images at the upcoming Greek epic adaptation, which will tell the parallel story of how the Greeks fought off the Persians at sea during the Battle of Artemisium. In addition to the image above, the newspaper has also posted the first look at the film's main character Themistokles, played by Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton. Take a look below.

300: Rise of an Empire Stapleton

In addition to the stills, the paper also has a few new details about the plot of the film, noting that because the story is set at sea the door is open to more locations. According to Murro, the movie "happens over time in many different locations," which means "opportunities for the six distinct battles are even greater with different locations and tactics.''

The report also notes that Xerxes will have a female counterpart this time around in Artemesia, the commander of the Persian navy being played by Eva Green. But more than just seeking to rule more land, the character has a personal vendetta against the Greeks, who killed her family as a child. Said Stapleton of the villainess, "She does most of Xerxes' dirty work in this film. She's seeking revenge, and she does it well. She's a force to be reckoned with."

300: Rise of An Empire will be in theaters August 2nd.

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