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If Avatar did 3D properly in a good way, then Piranha 3D has done 3D properly in a bad way. Full of shots of poorly rendered carnivorous fish swimming at the screen, this new trailer for Alexandre Aja's latest film is bringing even more campiness to a camp classic.

Piranha 3D is a direct-to-DVD film at best, so how it got the funding for a theatrical release the world may never know. The movie looks all kinds of bad in all the best ways and once you get past the initial "Oh my god, this looks god damn terrible" reaction, you'll be able to enjoy Piranha 3D in all its cheesy glory, which hopefully is in there on purpose.

It was recently pushed back to August 27, but this trailer should be enough to sate the masses. Check it out below. Hopefully this won't negatively effect Heidi Montag's 3D shark attack beach comedy. That would be tragic.

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