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This year's summer blockbuster schedule is completely packed. For the next few months there will only be a few weekends that don't see the release of a big-budget action movie, and May is no different than June or July. This weekend we saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swing into theaters, and very soon we will be hearing the thunderous footsteps of Godzilla. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have been pushing their marketing into overdrive recently and today that fact has resulted in four brand new clips from the Gareth Edwards-directed film being released online.

Before I go any further, just be warned that there may be some footage in here that you may not want to see until you're sitting comfy in stadium-seating arranged seats in a darkened theater watching Godzilla on the biggest screen imaginable. I'm not saying that there are spoilers, but if you've enjoyed the teases and subtlety of the movie's earlier trailers you might want to head over here.

So let's start breaking these down, shall we? Getting us started up top is clip that mainly centers on the characters played Bryan Cranston (Joe) and Juliette Binoche (Sandra) in the film. In addition to being co-workers, the two are also husband and wife. The clip doesn't introduce them in a very good place, as it looks like Sandra is in serious trouble.

This second clip introduces us to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who will be playing Ford Brody, Joe and Sandra's son in Godzilla. This scene obviously takes place after the monster destruction has already begun, and Ford - being an EOD Technician - wants to do his part to help the cause (mostly because it also means potentially saving his wife, played by Elizabeth Olsen).

We've known for some time now that Godzilla would not be the only monster in the franchise reboot and just a couple weeks ago that other beast's name: Muto. But why is his name Muto? You should watch this clip featuring David Strathairn to find out:

Lastly we have a clip of not just people talking about monsters, but monsters themselves. Sure, this sequence begins with a pretty epic speech from Ken Watanabe's character, but after that it's all about Godzilla and Muto.

Expect to see a lot more about Godzilla in the coming days, as the film will be in theaters on May 16th!

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