The Holy Trinity of The Amazing Spider-Man, at the moment, is Avi Arad, Marc Webb and Matt Tolmach. Oh, they owe everything to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko – the creators of Marvel’s immensely popular superhero. But Arad, Webb and Tolmach are the trio currently driving the current big screen interpretation of Spider-Man, and they came to San Diego Comic-Con with fresh footage and a wealth of information under their arms.

Sony was nice enough to get me a one-on-one interview with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer Tolmach during this year’s Con. We spoke during the initial Amazing Spider-Man press run, when the team was still nervous about introducing a new Peter Parker – and a British one, at that, in Andrew Garfield. But given that film’s success, Tolmach seemed more confident in their shared vision, and more eager to share with fans what they have in store for Spider-Man 2.

Here are the five most interesting things I learned about the ongoing Spider-Man universe from Tolmach.

1. As expected, they are mapping out a much larger Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.
Tolmach spoke about the casting of character actors like Paul Giamatti, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan and Chris Cooper for supporting parts in the upcoming sequel, noting that you do not add these players and waste them on one or two scenes. “We’re thinking long term,” he tells me. “As you know, we came out and announced we’re going to make a third movie and a fourth movie. [So] we’re seeding a universe.

“In our movie, Electro is the villain,” Tolmach continued. “He’s the focus of what we’re doing. But how cool is the idea that there are other villains out there? It portends all kinds of trouble for Spider Man down the road … [because] Oscorp is this sort of breeding ground for these creatures and these characters. But yes, we’re world building.”

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