This morning brought us a new look at what could wind up being one of the best movies of the fall. Ridley Scott’s The Martian launched a brand new trailer in the early hours, and it makes the film look equal parts fun and thrilling – telling the story of an astronaut played by Matt Damon who finds himself stranded on the surface of Mars and forced to use his intelligence and ingenuity to survive. If the preview whet your appetite for the movie, you’re definitely going to want to read about the special footage screening and Q&A that I attended this week.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a special press event in Los Angeles where Matt Damon, Ridley Scott, author Andy Weir, NASA’s Planetary Science Division Director Dr. Jim Green, and astronaut Drew Feustel talked extensively about The Martian, and revealed some great info about the movie’s development. Read on to learn some cool stuff about the upcoming sci-fi feature!

The Martian
Where Ridley Scott Sees The Martian Fit Into His Sci-Fi Legacy
Ridley Scott is what many would call a legend of science-fiction, having directed two of the most undeniably influential films in the genre: Alien and Blade Runner. This begs the question of where exactly The Martian fits into that legacy. According to the director, it really is his attempt to make a futuristic film that is more grounded in actual science. Said Scott,
The challenge is sci-fi is mostly fantasy. What was really attractive about this was the total reality of the situation. There’s a movie I like quite a lot, The Right Stuff, which really got into the early days of the astronauts, and while this is not the same at all, I loved the reality of the situation.

It was obviously that strive for reality that led Ridley Scott to contact NASA about making The Martian as realistic as possible. And while there are certainly some fictional elements that have been made up, I can confirm having seen a good amount of the movie that it totally sells you on its procedures.

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