Guardians Of The Galaxy was just the beginning. Marvel fans most certainly noticed how little the space adventure film had to do with the already-established Marvel universe. And while the movie definitely happened in the timeline, recent news suggests that Marvel's space properties could exist in their own realm, a separate mythology that crosses over only briefly with the rest of the Marvel films. After all, not every superpowered being can be an Avenger.

So, here is the theory, based on rumors, guesswork and a few hunches: Guardians Of The Galaxy is to Marvel's space lineup as Iron Man was to Marvel's "Phase 1": a reminder to its hero(es) that there's a "bigger universe" out there. And with the news about a writer for Inhumans came word that the studio was interested in building "a multiple-film cosmic universe." So what are these films?

Not only do we think we know what at least five of these movies might be, we also know the purpose. Just as Marvel's Earthbound movies keep leading to Avengers films (and just as the Netflix series' will build to The Defenders), the cosmic lineup will build to its own massive interstellar event. What will that event be? Read on, and you'll find out, True Believer!

Note: We do believe that Marvel is interested in a Captain Marvel film, and knowing that she earns her power from Kree soldiers, we considered putting that movie on this list. A Captain Marvel film would give viewers a chance to explore the Kree kingdom in a bit more detail. But she's also likely to join the Avengers and have several Earthbound adventures. As such, Captain Marvel could be one film that unites several different Marvel films.

The first domino to fall, Inhumans already has a writer, and may even already have a leading man in Vin Diesel. The characters are basically ancient human lab rats, experiments of the Kree that eventually evolved and formed their own society. In the onscreen Marvel universe, they'd essentially function as "mutants", though their influence would affect the spaceways, and not the Earthbound characters. This would also be an opportunity to establish Black Bolt as a major player in the Marvel universe, and a focus on the Inhuman Royal Family could make this Marvel's answer to Game Of Thrones. And given Quicksilver's association with the Inhumans in the comics (at one point, he had stolen Terrigen Mists from them, which is essentially the greatest Inhuman resource), you have an excuse to tie this film in with Age Of Ultron.

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