Yesterday, it was revealed that veteran actor Al Pacino has met with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about doing something in the future. Aside from his role as Big Boy Caprice in 1990’s Dick Tracy, Pacino hasn’t appeared in any comic book films, and while it may seem weird for an actor primarily known for his crime roles to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would give Pacino the opportunity to contribute to a world that’s growing bigger every day. If he does accept a role, he would join the ranks of fellow acting legends like Robert Redford, Anthony Hopkins and Jeff Bridges, all of whom have left their mark on the MCU. The man has already admitted he’s a big fan of the studio, so why not bring him on board?

Marvel has a diverse selection of films down the line for Phase Three, and while Al Pacino may be too old to play an ass-kicking superhero, there are still plenty of characters to be introduced that the studio for which they can cast the Godfather star. Here are our top picks for who he should play in the coming years, from dangerous foes to helpful allies. Marvel, take notes!

5. The Ancient One
5. The Ancient One
In the origin story of Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange is a surgeon who travels to the East to seek a cure for his damaged hands - but winds up studying the mystical arts under the tutorage of The Ancient One. Playing this part, Pacino would serve as a mentor to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange as he learns to become the new Sorcerer Supreme. Since the elderly master doesn’t have much of a role in the bigger Marvel universe, this role would likely limit Pacino just to the Doctor Strange films. However, since the Ancient One continued to advise Strange in the comics from the afterlife years after his death, Pacino could appear in sequels even if they kill him off in the first film. The legendary actor would do an amazing job as the wise character who helps the protagonist achieve his full potential. It might also be interesting to see Pacino to infuse some unique traits into the character that aren’t from the comics, but nothing too out there or over-the-top. This isn’t Dick Tracy.

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