The Oscars are coming up soon, which means that every drama, historical epic and film that made its audience cry will be considered for nomination, but one genre of filmmaking that will likely get ignored again this year is the comic book film. Whether it’s the idea that these stories are juvenile or that they just don’t fit in with the standard Oscar fare, the people in charge of the Oscars have mostly glossed over superhero films, though there have been a few exceptions like Heath Ledger winning Best Supporting Actor for The Joker.

However, there was one film this year that appealed just enough to both comic book fans and the general audience that it may be able to escape the negative stigma and make a splash at the Oscars this year: Guardians of the Galaxy. Earning almost universally positive reviews and earning over 700 million at the box office, this film was the biggest hit of the year, so it would be wise if the Oscar officials didn't outright ignore it. There are many great superhero films, but this definitely one that deserves to get recognized. On the off chance that the Academy decides that it will consider the sci-fi epic, there are several awards that it would make a great contender for. Its chances of scoring a Best Picture nomination are next to zero, but it would be great if the film were able to win in the following categories.

5. Best Supporting Actor
5. Best Supporting Actor
This one is the least likely of all the categories, but c’mon! Of all the actors in this film, did any of us suspect that Dave Bautista, a professional wrester who hasn’t starred in many projects, would give us one of the funniest characters in the film...scratch that, the entire MCU? Drax could have been reduced to the stereotypical brutish, quiet muscle of the group, but instead he was one of the most fleshed out members of the cast, and Bautista balanced both the tragic and comedic elements quite well. From misunderstanding figurative comments to drunkenly challenging Ronan to a fight to avenge his murdered family, Bautista took an already complex character and made him into one of the film’s main highlights. This may sound cliched, but I can’t imagine anyone other than Bautista breathing life into the tattooed warrior.

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