After years of being labeled as "potential flop," Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy emerged as the biggest Hollywood phenomenon of 2014 when it was released this past August. With a box office take of $330 million, the movie is far and away the biggest domestic hit of the year, and the love has spread around the world.

As luck would have it, it’s also the kind of film where you can start pulling back the layers and discover all kinds of fascinating stories and facts about how the movie got made. We’re practically learning something new every day about Guardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming Blu-ray release will only enlighten fans further.

Yesterday morning, I was invited to a small screening of the special features that will be featured on Guardians of the Galaxy’s upcoming home video release, and watching the various featurettes, deleted scenes and other video material I learned a whole bunch of cool new pieces of trivia about the film. And I’m happy to share with all of you!

Guardians of the Galaxy
1. Ronan’s ship is ridiculously huge
At the time it was built, the Empire State Building was the tallest skyscraper on earth, and to its tip it stands at a tremendous 1,454’ tall. That, however, is nothing compared to the size of Ronan The Accuser’s gigantic spaceship, The Dark Aster. In fact, actor Lee Pace makes a direct comparison between the two on the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray, and notes that the Dark Aster is as big as the Empire State Building turned over 11 times (that’s 15,994’ feet for those of you too lazy to open your calculator apps). It’s not a surprise that most people in the universe were terrified of him.

Guardians of the Galaxy
2. The three lights on the Nova Corps armor have a special meaning
The cosmic universe that James Gunn built for Guardians of the Galaxy actually goes far beyond just what we see in the finished cut of the film, as the filmmaker mapped out every little detail you can think of . A great example of this is the reasoning behind the three circular lights on the Nova Corps armor: they are meant to represent the three suns of Xandar, the peacekeeping organization’s home planet.

Guardians of the Galaxy
3. There were actually two on-set stand-ins for Rocket Raccoon
Die-hard Guardians of the Galaxy fans likely already know that Sean Gunn – James Gunn’s brother – did most of the on-set work as Rocket in the film, but what you may not know is that there were actually two actors who did that job. Arti Shah, a little person, was also part of the production – but what’s funny is that she was actually a bit too tall for the job. While Sean Gunn was able to crouch down to Rocket’s height, giving his co-stars a proper eye-line, Shah had to wear an image of Rocket on her chest.

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