Watch Karen Gillan Shave Off All Her Hair For Guardians Of The Galaxy

While pretty much every main cast member in Guardians of the Galaxy underwent some kind of massive physical change - from Chris Pratt's weight loss to the application of crazy red tattoos on Dave Bautista - Karen Gillan really had them all beat with her transformation. Not only was she given blue skin, black eyes and a robotic arm, but she also completely shaved off her beautiful red hair. This was revealed as a surprise at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, but now, thanks to the video above, you can actually watch the head-shaving process yourself.

Since her breakout role playing companion Amy Pond for a few seasons of Doctor Who, Karen Gillan's red hair has been seen as a kind of trademark for the actress - which really makes it all the more shocking that she was willing to let it all go for the role of Nebula. Of course, an important question that remains hanging in the air is exactly how many more times she will have to go through this. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is already slated to be released in 2017, so does that mean the Scottish actress will only be able to enjoy having hair for two more years before hacking it all off again? Nebula also plays a pretty important part in the Infinity Gauntlet saga in the comics, which is rumored to be the source material that will be used for The Avengers 3. If that's the case, Gillan will have to shave her head again - or perhaps just keep it shaved. On top of it all, I can't imagine that fans would let her get away with just using a bald cap for her future performances as Nebula after committing so big for the first Guardians.

I was personally on-hand in Hall H during the Guardians of the Galaxy panel last year when Karen Gillan first revealed that she had shaved her head for the role. Walking out on stage she was wearing a red wig, but when it came to be her time to answer a question she ripped it off and, in her excitement, she actually threw it into the crowd:

Karen Gillan is now starring in a new television sitcom with Jon Cho called Selfie, which will start airing on September 30th (you can watch the pilot right now here). Both director James Gunn and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have suggested that Nebula will be back in a big way for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so keep an eye out for more on that front.

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