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We’ve now had a few hours to process the news that Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman plans to do Die Hard 6, which will be a "sort of" prequel that somehow will still find room for Bruce Willis to play John McClane – before, I assume, handing the reigns over to a younger actor set to play McClane in the late 1970s. Have fans warmed up to the idea? Let’s scan Twitter and take the temperature of the room as it pertains to Die Hard 6.

OK, then. Twitter did as Twitter does, giving fans 140 characters to express either their support or their disdain for the idea of a Die Hard prequel. As you might imagine, most of the reactions to a sixth Die Hard were swift, merciless and adamant:

In case that wasn’t clear enough:

And others expressed more of a shock, an outrage, and an anger that Len Wiseman was trying to personally hurt them with this announcement. Like this person:

While finally, this guy thinks Die Hard 6 is such a bad idea, he had to write the word "barf" twice. In case it wasn’t clear enough the first time.

Some of this is just the Internet being snarky. Some of it truly is the bad taste left in the mouths of fans who endured A Good Day to Die Hard -- a truly wretched sequel that forgot everything good about the series (and everything redeeming about the character of John McClane). After the release of Good Day, I argued on this site that a sixth Die Hard was necessary just to redeem the image of McClane, so he could finally ride off into the sunset properly. A prequel does not give him that right, and that would be sad. We’ll continue to track Die Hard 6 developments. For now, what are your thoughts on this news?