The following story talks about Gone Girl in very frank detail. If you haven’t seen it yet, bail on this article immediately. It’s a good movie, and it’s worth seeing without being spoiled.

The box office is in, and it seems a ton of people saw Gone Girl. Given the popularity of the book and David Fincher’s involvement, I’m not totally surprised. That being said, I am a bit weirded out at that there’s so much conversation about how batshit crazy Amazing Amy is and not more conversation about how batshit crazy everyone else is. I mean, seriously. How many different people in Gone Girl do at least one thing that’s ridiculous? The answer is almost everyone.

The question isn’t whether other people are nuts in Gone Girl. The question is how nuts are they in comparison to each other. So, let’s go down that road. Here are, in my estimation, the 6 craziest people in Gone Girl, ranked by how much is mentally wrong with them.

Gone Girl Bill
6) Bill Dunne
We don’t get a ton from Nick’s dad in Gone Girl, mostly because he’s so out of it he’s not really a part of Nick’s life. What we do know is 1) he sucked as a parent, 2) Nick is like him during his worst moments, 3) he hates the nursing home/ assisted living facility he lives in. In fact, our main interaction with him is when he flees from the home, promptly gets arrested and has to be driven home by Nick, who is a weird combination of annoyed at his father and happy for the excuse to leave the police station.

Long story short, Bill sucked at life quite a bit before he got mental problems, and now he has too many mental problems to live on his own and care for himself. He’s not ranked higher though because the line between crazy and diseased is even more blurry when it comes to dementia. Also, because this is a stacked field of crazies he's up against.

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