Later this month, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will mark the first time that the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel cross paths on the big screen, but it’s by no means their first story together. Both heroes have been in the comics for over 75 years, and for almost that whole time they’ve had frequent adventures together, whether it was in a World’s Finest team-up or as teammates on the Justice League. Despite their differences, they’ve proven to be effective partners in the battle for justice, though conversely there have also been moments where they’ve been more than down to fight each other. Both dynamics are finally being realized in live action, much to the excitement of many fans.

Now that they’re finally being paired together cinematically, we thought we’d go over the main lessons that fans have learned from their shared stories in both the comics and other media. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an original story, it’s obviously drawing heavily from the mythology of both heroes, so we can easily deduce some of the basics of how their first meeting will go, along with how two other players will fit into their story.

Batman Needs To Up His Tech Game
Batman Needs To Up His Tech Game
Batman is a badass fighter, but it’s his tech that gives him an extra edge when taking on criminals. When fighting Superman, however, it’s not enough to just use some Batarangs and smoke bombs. Just look at the New 52’s Justice League #2 as proof. No, in order to combat the Kryptonian, he has to improve his arsenal, and this is usually through advanced armor to boost his strength and make it so he can endure Superman’s punches. The best example is in The Dark Knight Returns, when the 55-year-old Bruce Wayne put on that massive armor and went toe-to-toe with Superman, who was still at the top of his game despite also being older. Ben Affleck’s Batman will don a similar suit when fighting Henry Cavill’s Superman to help even the odds. Occasionally Batman has also relied on devices that harness the same radiation as a red sun, thus taking away Superman’s abilities, but armor that typically been the key weapon…well, aside from this next entry.

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