This year’s list of Oscar nominees is a strange one. There are a handful of awards where the choice appears to be so clear that there isn’t even a discussion, and then everything else looks like a bloody free for all. Every Oscars ceremony tends to have a few upsets, but how can you have an upset when there’s no clear frontrunner? For those of us who fill out Oscar ballots with the same focus that others put together a March Madness bracket, what are we to do?

However, it's possible that a few of those "sure things" might not be quite as sure as you believe. There are a few places where we think upsets might actually be possible. Here are the places to keep an eye open for potential Academy Award upsets. If you lose $10 to your office mate based on this we accept no responsibility. However, if you win money, drinks are on you.

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Best Supporting Actor - Mark Rylance
Ever since Sylvester Stallone got a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Creed and then walked out with the award, this year’s Best Supporting Actor award seems to be his to lose. The thing is, as good as Creed was, and as good as Stallone was in it, nobody walked out of that movie thinking it was an Oscar worthy performance. The Academy Awards do give awards for long careers on occasion but they also like to reward traditional actors playing very traditional award roles. If Stallone wasn’t nominated this year than Mark Rylance’s performance in Bridge of Spies would be just the kind of thing they would go for, and there may be just enough old school pull in the Academy to make it happen anyway.

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