We talk a lot about comic book movies here at CinemaBlend, but we’ll be damned if it isn’t also an amazing time for superhero television. One DC series that has continuously blown us away week after week comes in the form of The CW’s The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as the titular red-clad hero. After two seasons, the second of which ended gloriously last night, The Flash has become the DC series by which all others should be compared.

Although Grant Gustin will see himself replaced by Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in 2018s The Flash solo movie, the upcoming silver screen adventure for the Scarlet Speedster can still learn quite a bit from his comic book counterpart. We’ve gone through the last two seasons of The CW’s hit series, and compiled a list of seven qualities Ezra Miller’s Flash movie needs to adopt from the beloved DC show. Now let's get started with those who know The Flash best...

The Flash's Friends And Family Need To Matter
One thing about The Flash that makes him incredibly distinct from his other Justice League contemporaries is his willingness to surround himself with friends and family in his mission to make Central City a safer place. The CW’s version of Barry Allen has already assembled himself a "Team Flash" consisting of characters like Cisco Ramon a.k.a Vibe, Caitlin Snow, two versions of Harrison Wells (although one of those didn’t work out very well), as well as Joe and Iris West. Ezra Miller’s take on the character needs to similarly have no qualms when it comes to allying himself with people who provide technical as well as emotional support to his crime-fighting activities.

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