Why Legends Of Tomorrow's Big Death Doesn't Mean What You Think

Major spoilers are ahead for Legends of Tomorrow Episode 15, “Destiny.” Read at your own peril.

Tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow gave viewers another shock, as the show is known to do. And, that shock just happened to be the death of Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold. But, as can be expected with a show that deals in time travel, we haven’t seen the last of Snart yet.

According to Deadline, actor Wentworth Miller, who has portrayed Leonard Snart on Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular, and The Flash as a recurring villain, won’t be gone from The CW’s DC shows altogether now. No, instead he’ll recur on multiple Greg Berlanti produced DC shows. Right now, the plan is for Miller’s Snart to show up on the two shows he’s already been on, but his new contract could lead to appearances on the Berlanti produced Arrow as well at some point.

So, let’s take a step back and see how Snart ended up all dead and whatnot. While being held by the Time Masters, the Time Council told Rip that our Legends haven’t exactly been in control of their own destinies all this time. It looks like the council was using a device, called the Oculus, to influence their actions in a way that would help lead to Vandal Savage’s rise to absolute power in 2166.

Not being ones to stand by and let themselves be controlled, the team decides to take out the Oculus. When Rip, Mick and Ray finally make their way to the device, after fighting their way through a veritable army of Time Guards, Ray begins to set the Oculus to blow up. Unfortunately, he quickly realizes that someone will need to hold the device’s fail safe down in order for the detonation to take place, and, being a stand up kind of guy, Ray endeavors to take that responsibility upon himself. After some rather comedic place-switching, Snart ends up bravely taking the Oculus down, exploding in a swath of blue light along with all of Time Council headquarters.


The Deadline report also notes that the producers of Legends of Tomorrow knew that Wentworth Miller wouldn’t be a permanent member of the team, as the actor had only signed a short-term deal with the show. But, the team behind Legends and The Flash wanted to be able to keep Miller around.

The big question here is how they’re going to manage having a dead guy around all the time. The Flash has the benefit of alternate versions of Earth on its side, along with a bit of speed induced time travel, so either could lead to a newly alive form of Leonard Snart. Meanwhile, as we already know, Legends of Tomorrow is big on time travel. It’s actually the whole point of the show, and this means they have a built-in solution to the dead Snart problem if they want us to see him again. Of course, it sounds like each show is going to have to find multiple ways to bring Snart back, so I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see how they manage that without things getting convoluted or just plain silly.

Adrienne Jones
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