The Twilight franchise’s decision to split Stephanie Meyer’s fourth novel, Breaking Dawn into two films was a bold one. Despite being over 700 pages long, there’s not a ton of action that goes down after the birth of Bella’s daughter, Renesmee. Apparently, screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg felt she could go somewhere with two scripts, and in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, she comes through in a big way.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a weird hybrid of an adaptation that follows the latter half of the book fairly closely, until the climax of the flick is flipped on its head and shaken so hard the audience’s heads might explode. The ending of the film is shocking, and it will throw its fanbase through a bit of a loop. The changes are impressive, but I wish Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay would have forged through with its premise and given us a conclusion that stuck to its guns.

If you haven’t caught Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, yet, please do not read this article. There are plenty of spoilers, but there are a couple in particular that will totally change the way you view the film.

Bella has immediate control over herself, but her thirst is far more apparent than the avoidable scratch she mentions when she first awakes as a vampire. Jasper still teases her and she does briefly go after the hiker, but she still has a little more baby vamp in her at the beginning of the film. This doesn’t really change Bella’s personality at all, but it does make the newness of becoming a vampire apparent, before she even energetically bounds through the forest.

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