No one enjoys a solid dick joke more than the Mouse House. Disney is one of the few studios able to appease every single generation within a family with a single film, while simultaneously sprinkling in some of the most inappropriate toilet humor without most even batting an eyelash. It’s really an art, if you think about it.

Even now, Disney connoisseurs are perusing their favorite films and discovering dick jokes they didn’t even notice within the first dozen or so viewings. Recently, a Redditor, who goes by the username wimminswimmin, discovered a giant one-eyed monster cleverly hiding in plain sight in The Goofy Movie — and it's been 20 years since the film was released.

It’s not because you’re going crazy. It’s not because you think about sex every five seconds (though that’s a thing). It’s not because you have a few loose neurons that cause you to see penises everywhere you go. If dick imagery were an STD, Disney would be going to the free clinic all the time. Just when we thought there couldn’t be more references to male genitalia, another one pops up to say hello. Let’s say hi back to some of the more classic gags of Disney movie fame.

Goofy Movie Disney dick jokes
1. Big Foot, The Goofy Movie
I wasn’t kidding about the one-eyed monster in The Goofy Movie. Max and Goofy are hiding in their car for safety while Big Foot is ransacking their stuff. After plunging his head into a bag, he emerges with a pair of underwear on his head. He stops for a second to peep through the crotch, but with only room for one eye, wimminswimmin notes the scene’s obvious reference to a one-eyed monster.

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