About A Boy Scribe Hired To Rewrite Live-Action Cinderella Script

Cinderella putting on the glass slipper
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Chris Weitz has had one ridiculously strange movie career. Beginning in the late 90s, Weitz's writing/directing filmmography is one of the most eclectic you'll find, working in various genres like R-rated comedy (American Pie), teen romance (The Twilight Saga: New Moon), Oscar-nominated dramedy (About A Boy), animation (Antz), adventure (The Golden Compass), and Oscar-nominated drama (last year's A Better Life). The filmmaker has made a career out of keeping audiences guessing, so his latest project really shouldn't come as any sort of a surprise.

Weitz has been hired to rewrite the script for Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella film, reports THR. The project has been in development for years now, and Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Never Let Me Go) is attached to direct. The idea was born when Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland became an international sensation at the box office and studios began developing as many fairy tales as they could get their hands on (it's the same reason why we have two Snow White movies coming out this year. Aline Brosh McKenna, best known for writing The Devil Wears Prada, wrote the initial draft of the script and the trade doesn't say if Weitz will be starting from scratch or working from her draft. As of now there aren't any actors signed on to the film and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class) is serving as producer.

Much like the content of his films, Weitz has an extremely mixed track record, producing both great movies like About A Boy and terrible ones like New Moon. We'll just have to wait and see which end of the spectrum Cinderella comes out on.

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