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Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Are Photoshopped Wrecks In New Blended Posters

Blended Poster

There may be no greater divide between critics and audiences than the works of Adam Sandler. His willfully sophomoric sense of humor has never been widely embraced by critics, yet even critically reviled comedies like Grown Ups 2 and Just Go With It were box office hits. For his next comedy, Blended, Sandler seems to be sticking to slapstick, plus he is reuniting with The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates co-star Drew Barrymore. And both are the main attraction in the pic's latest posters. Also, there's an outraged ostrich because why the hell not.

Blended, follows a single mom with two sons, and a single dad with three daughters who end up falling for each other after a bizarre twist of fate (or contrived plot twist) lands both families on a trip to Africa. Movie Web shared a string of posters for the upcoming feature, and by our count the one above is the best. In it you can clearly identify the stars, get a sense of their playfully antagonistic love-hate relationship, and--look giraffes! Okay, Africa established.

The rest feature Photoshopping so aggressive that it becomes downright creepy. First up is the poster featuring Sandler and his onscreen kiddos, played by Bella Thorne, Emma Fuhrmann and Alyvia Alyn Lind. Dingy color pallette aside, not a single part of this poster looks like it was photographed in conjunction with any other element, which explains the girls' wonky eyelines. But hey, riding an ostrich--that's funny, right?

Blended Poster

Despite how rough the above is, Barrymore's poster is even worse. Playing up a scene teased in the trailer where a paragliding adventure goes awry, this poster has Barrymore strapped in for hijinks hovering above onscreen sons Kyle Silverstein and Braxton Beckham. The problem is that the Photoshopper went so overboard smoothing out Barrymore's pores and wrinkles that she is nearly unrecognizable. No joke, I glanced at this and thought, "Amy Adams is in this movie?"

Blended Poster

As much as we might dread it, Blended is coming because Sandler's movies make insane amounts of money no matter how lame the premise. Guys, this is why we can't have nice things.

Blended Poster

Blended will hit theaters May 23rd, 2014.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.