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On its surface the source material for Happy Madison's next film sounds more like something Michael Bay would tackle than Adam Sandler. Two wisecracking cops chase a getaway van loaded with stolen goods through the streets of a bustling city, tearing through crowds of protesters, weaving through traffic, dodging debris, making stomach-turning jumps, ripping through massive explosions, and reeking untold havoc. But what if I told you the guiding hand of all this action is an overgrown goofball just playing with his old toys?

THR reports that Sandler's production company has signed on to develop the French comedy short Bad Toys II into a feature film. And while all the stunts mentioned above can be viewed in its embed below, they all play out between vintage toys with a blend of cheeky live-action and slick animation, combining a sharp, self-aware style of humor with plenty of pulse pounding action.

Animators Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste crafted the incredible Bad Toys II and both will be brought on board to Happy Madison's adaptation as co-executive producers. But how—you may wonder—will this clever concept be expanded into a feature-length film? Well, rather than playing out like some sort of high-adrenaline Toy Story, Sandler's version will play into his well-established niche.

Having forged his film career portraying one manic manchild after another, Bad Toys II will focus on the father character seen during the credits, a grown man who taps into his long dormant imagination and love of big-budget action movies by playing with his son's toys. Though it's not confirmed, it's basically guaranteed this will be a Sandler vehicle, possibly in the sweet vein of Bedtime Stories, which would be a welcomed change from Sandler's most recent string of crude comedies.

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