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Add Mila Kunis To The Lois Lane Rumor Pile

Remember when I wrote yesterday that no matter how many definitive shortlists of actresses testing for Lois Lane we see, you can consider virtually anyone around the age of 30 up for the part? Yeah, I really wasn't kidding. Since I wrote that piece Olivia Wilde has been added to the pile, and today The New York Daily News is floating the name Mila Kunis as they report that Kristen Stewart didn't get the part.

Given the nonchalant way Kunis's name is tossed in alongside the names we already know-- Dianna Agron, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Malin Akerman-- I honestly wonder if they just added her as a mistake, running down their list of brunette actresses around the right age and figuring she made sense. At this point, that's really the only qualification you need-- famous enough to fit in with all the other names, and hot enough to keep the nerds happy. Sure it'd be nice to see Kunis get another high-profile role after Black Swan, but would she be a better Lois Lane than Rachel McAdams? Not a chance. Whether you like it or not, though, time to add her to the contender list; whether or not the Daily News source is accurate, odds are very good she's at least come up in conversation.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend