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The Adorable Story Of What Happened To Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad Bat

During the course of making a movie, from the first day of shooting until the last night the lights go down, props have a way of disappearing and/or being earmarked for certain parties involved. In other cases, like that of Kevin Smith and his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, a special Suicide Squad prop was doled out to the young up-and-comer – courtesy of DC Comics. As you'll see in the emotional photo below, Harley Quinn now has her very own totem from the latest incarnation of her fictional namesake.

The folks at @warnerbrosentertainment gave me the #harleyquinn bat from @suicidesquadmovie as a thanks for hosting the...Posted by Kevin Smith on Saturday, January 30, 2016

That photo was posted recently on Kevin Smith's official Facebook page. In that post he went on to dictate how his involvement in the recent DC Comics TV special, Dawn of the Justice League, had played a part in his being awarded the bat that Margot Robbie's Harley totes around in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Of course, there was only ever one person this totem could have been awarded to, and that's the young woman you see in tears above.

Knowing how big of a fan Kevin Smith is of all things comic book related, the opportunity to bestow upon his daughter such a symbol of strength and fandom is something akin to Jor-El bestowing the hopes and dreams of Krypton to his only son. With both members of the Smith family working, or looking to work with, the powerful comic publisher, it's the stuff that dreams are made of. Even better is the fact that on top of the touching family moment that this photo obviously conveys, it's also some really good publicity for DC's upcoming cinematic universe.

Let's face it: besides worrying themselves big time over how well Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is going to hit, the possible success of Suicide Squad is an even bigger issue with the higher ups at Warner Bros and DC Comics. As the latest trailer dropped for the David Ayer directed comic flick promises a Guardians Of The Galaxy level thrill ride for the DC Universe, fan expectations are running pretty high for the film. So if they can please some influential fans with a heartwarming gesture, you can bet that the fan community at large will remember to show up for Suicide Squad's opening night this August. Even people that aren't necessarily comic book fans will more than likely remember the film's name in passing, after seeing how touched Harley Quinn Smith was when she received the actual bat Margot Robbie used to terrorize those who oppose her in the summer blockbuster.

Whatever fringe benefits DC Comics may get out of this gesture with the public, it still doesn't change the fact that gifting the actual Harley Quinn bat to Kevin Smith's daughter is a really beautiful thing. Also, if Harley Quinn Smith ever lands her dream job of playing the Joker's companion in crime, you can bet that we'll be seeing that bat for some time, inspiring a new generation of female fans to take up the bat as a symbol of power. For now though, it's Margot Robbie's bat to wield on the screen, and wield it she will in Suicide Squad, which hits theaters on August 5th.

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