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While most people know Kevin Smith as the director of movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Tusk, he’s also one of Hollywood’s most passionate comic book fans, especially when it comes DC Comics. Not only does Smith talk about the latest in DC news on several of his podcasts and social media, but he’s also written runs on Batman and Green Arrow. Given his status both as a creator and fan, every now and then this gets him certain geek perks, like recently catching the new Suicide Squad trailer a month before it premieres to the masses.

A few days before DC announced when they’ll release the latest Suicide Squad preview, Smith told his Fatman on Batman co-host Marc Bernardin that he’s already watched it, and he was impressed with what he saw. In his words:
I saw the Suicide Squad trailer and it was fucking impressive… It is fucking wonderful. It's got a tone but I would say the second trailer has got a lot of humor and it's not humor of the simple variety. They'll play out a joke with dialogue, not just a quip. Some of the shots are goddamn gorgeous. I like this guy, (David Ayer) he's a great director. Based on those two trailers, give him whatever he wants, let him make more DC movies. He's got an eye man. Can't spoil it, but it's coming soon and that's the good news.

Suicide Squad is already distinguishing itself from other superhero movies by having villains in the spotlight, but going off Smith’s comment, it sounds like the movie’s tone will also be something unique. Since the first Suicide Squad trailer was extremely gloomy, it makes sense that the next preview will feature some of the movie’s humor to show moviegoers this won’t be an entirely depressing affair. Of course, if Suicide Squad performs well critically and commercially next year, then DC will probably want Ayer to return for a sequel, so Smith will get his wish.

Although Smith isn’t directly involved with any of DC’s upcoming live action projects, he is still getting to play in their sandbox a bit. On January 19, Smith will host DC Films Presents: Dawn Of The Justice League, one of the DC Comics specials airing on The CW following a new episode of The Flash. In this special, Smith will take viewers behind the scenes of movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman. This will wrap up with the world premiere of the new Suicide Squad trailer, allowing viewers to determine if the trailer is as great as Smith said it is.

If you want to hear more about Smith and Bernardin’s thoughts on Suicide Squad and other recent Marvel/DC news, check out the video below.

Suicide Squad charges into theaters on August 5, 2016.