This is the time of year when kids get out of school for the summer, but there's a very, very good reason to return to school coming June 1. The comedy HIGH School, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, is coming to theaters with one of the more outlandish plots we've heard in a while. Overachiever Henry (Matt Bush) gets stoned for the first time the day before his psychotic, controlling principal (Michael Chiklis, completely transformed from his role on The Shield) demands mandatory drug testing for the entire school. With his future at risk, Henry decides the only way to get through the drug test is to get his entire school high, a scheme that requires stealing a huge amount of potent THC from a local drug dealer named Psycho Ed.

When I tell you that Psycho Ed is played by Adrien Brody, covered in tattoos, a beard and dreadlocks, you might start to understand why HIGH School is something special. For even more evidence, check out this exclusive clip from the film, in which Psycho Ed catches up with Henry and his buddy Travis (Sean Marquette) and figures out their insane scheme.

For more Brody insanity, a Michael Chiklis performance you really won't believe and a lot of plain good jokes, check out HIGH School in theaters starting June 1. For more on the plot, check out the full synopsis below.

The day after soon-to-be valedictorian Henry Burke (Matt Bush) takes a hit of the chronic for the first time, his school principal (Michael Chiklis) institutes a zero tolerance drug policy and administers a mandatory drug test for all students. Henry has two options: fail and lose his college scholarship, or team up with his stoner friend Breaux (Sean Marquette) to beat the system. They steal a high powered ganja from law student-turned-drug-dealer Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody) and spike the school’s bake sale brownies, getting the whole school—faculty included—completely stoned out of their minds. But with the student body getting higher and higher with every brownie, and a pissed-off Psycho Ed on their tails for stealing his stash, they must find a way to keep their half-baked plan from going up in smoke.

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