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Earlier this week, news came out that Keanu Reeves would actually be interested in another sequel for the Bill and Ted franchise. The whole thing was started up when Reeves joked about the project back in March, but now it looks more real then ever thanks to the less-famous half of the eponymous title.

MTV caught up with co-star Alex Winter, who played Bill S. Preston, Esq. in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, and confirmed that the writing team of Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have come up with a story for a third installment and have begun working on it.
"We kicked around the idea over the years and had always thought if we could make something that was as kind of genuine in spirit as the originals and without falling prey to kind of retro cynicism or something that was unnecessary, it would be worth doing,. Now the cat's out of the bag, and the truth is that, yeah, we have finally hit upon an idea that we think is pretty great."

But then comes the major roadblock: what to do with George Carlin's character, Rufus. The man who guided the titular heroes through their first two exploits, Carlin sadly passed two years ago, but Winter assures us that the part will not be recast, though working around it has been difficult.
He was such a big part of the spirit of the originals, and we've been trying to be clever about making a new one that can handle the Carlin issue. It's actually stopped us in the past — why do it without Rufus? We've been delicate about moving around him."

I've always loved the Bill and Ted movies, and while I might be in the minority here, I really hope this happens. It appears that Reeves is finally done with his "stand-in for Jesus" phase, and it would be great to see him do a comedy that fully embraces his laid-back attitude the way that Bill & Ted did. As Bill himself said, it all depends on the right script, and if they have one, I don't see a reason not do make this film. Wyld Stallyns forever!