Alien Tentacles Attack In 5 Skyline Clips

For anyone who walked out of Cloverfield disappointed because you didn’t actually get to see the giant alien monster, you know, do anything; there’s Skyline. This is one giant aliens invade a major American city movie which doesn’t seem to be holding back. The only problem with this is that at the rate they’re killing off and sucking up people in these new Skyline clips, the alien invaders are going to run out of human victims pretty fast.

Watch five new Skyline clips below.

Say what you want about those clips, but at least they’re jam packed with action. There’s not a single moment in any of them in which an alien isn’t killing something or destroying something in spectacular. If that’s at all representative of the movie, then Skyline should be a lot of fun. If there’s any criticism to be leveled at it though, it’s of the audio variety. The soundtrack in the clips is pretty generic thriller stuff, I swear I’ve heard those sound cues at least a dozen times before in a dozen different movies. Maybe it’s just a temp soundtrack? I hope so.

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Josh Tyler