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While I was actually a big fan of the hero costume in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man (it was important for the rebooted franchise to have a new look and it was a sleek, interesting, unique design), I absolutely love the the new gear worn by star Andrew Garfield in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2. Clearly inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man costume from the comics, the suit has brilliant, vibrant colors that look awesome, and the big, white, almost-cartoony eyes look fantastic. Thanks to the constant stream of stills and posters that have been released over the past few months we have been able to see the design from just about every angle - behind, from the side, underneath - but this new international character poster, courtesy of Digital Spy, may actually be my favorite image of the look yet.

Not only is the titular superhero getting the one-sheet treatment, his main foe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has gotten his own share of the spotlight as well. Jamie Foxx's Electro is the centerpiece of the second new character poster, and it features two very similar streaks of electricity as the Spider-Man one and a different tagline. Check it out below:

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Character Poster Electro

"Enemies Will Unite," huh? If that isn't a blatant reference to The Sinister Six then I don't know what is.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Jeff Pinkner, continues the adventures of Peter Parker (Garfield) as he works to try and balance his day to day life between being an high school student, figuring out his relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and battling supervillans as Spider-Man. Sally Field and Martin Sheen will also reprise their roles from the first film, while new additions to the cast beyond Foxx include Dane DeHaan (as Harry Osborn), Paul Giamatti (as Rhino), Chris Cooper (as Norman Osborn), B.J. Novak, Felicity Jones, and Sarah Gadon. The first theatrical trailer launched last month and we are currently patiently awaiting the next one, which is set to come out on Super Bowl Sunday (a.k.a. February 1st).

Usually character posters come in big bunches, so it's entirely possible that these won't be the last ones we see for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Stay tuned here on Cinema Blend, as we will post them if and when they come online. In the meantime, there's still a few months of waiting ahead of us before we actually get to see the movie, which will be in theaters on May 2nd.

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