No, that's not a Sony executive in the latest ad for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 claiming "we have plans for you, Peter Parker" over a shot of metallic wings and a six-arm contraption. You're excused for being mistaken, however: this version of Spidey has at least two more onscreen adventures already lined up, and he may even pop up in a Sinister Six and a Venom movie. Instead, that's likely Chris Cooper as a sickly Norman Osborn saying one of the many trailer-perfect lines in this new TV spot, which continues to desmonstrate the studio's desire to show everyone this entire movie before it hits theaters in May. They're basically batting us over the head with the fact that this movie is going to tease Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, and scores of other villains. How do you think Sam Raimi feels about seeing all the fun toys that Marc Webb gets to play with?

The marketing team are leaning heavily on that Times Square throwdown that's been teased many timesbefore, where Spidey has to dodge cars and electric shocks being flung around by Jamie Foxx's Electro. The ad also promises the villain throwdown that Marc Webb has been cautious to backpedal from in recent interviews, with a lot of shine given to Paul Giamatti's robotic Rhino suit (that looks nothing at all like a Rhino). There's also Dane DeHaan's growling Harry Osborn talking about how he and Eletro can achieve power by... collateral damage? Guys, that doesn't give you a whole lot of power, you know that, right? It's just going to be a mess. Are they the type of people who leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and claim that it's best to let the grime set in before you wash them? Because that's the worst - I hate those people.

Aside from all that, there isn't a ton of new footage in this spot, most of it calling back to previous trailers and ads. We get a repeat of the nonsensical chimney gag, which proves Webb's assertion that standup comedians did hacky punch-ups on the dialogue, in a manner similar to what they do for Dreamworks animated films. Patton Oswalt has spoken about this kind of stuff in the past, and it's certain his contempt for that sort of attitude is probably shared by others. Here's Patton talking about that below.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (which really should have been called The Sensational Spider-Man or maybe Web Of Spider-Man, since we already kind of did the numbers thing) hits theaters May 2nd.

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