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Amazing Spider-Man Clip Shows Peter Parker Facing Off Against Flash Thompson

While it's always great to see a superhero using their super-powers to save the day, there's something to be said for those great moments when they might use those abilities to serve their own interests… once in a while, anyway. It caters to a less heroic, slightly more self-serving kind of daydream we might consider. In an earlier scene in Raimi's Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker faced off against Joe Manganiello's Flash Thompson in the hallway at school. What might have been a brutal beating from an angry bully turned into an opportunity for Parker to use his powers to defeat Flash in front of an audience of his peers. And based on this clip from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, we'll see Peter and Flash face-off again in the the Marc Webb film.

While the players remain the same, with Parker and Flash clearly at odds with one another, the setting has changed from where their showdown took place in the 2002 film. This clip from The Amazing Spider-Man begins and ends in the school gym, on the basketball court, with Flash (played by The Secret Circle's Chris Zylka) clearly thinking he can best Parker (Andrew Garfield) on the court, and soon coming to realize he's wrong.

It's raining glass and cheerleaders!

It's not exactly a heroic moment, but that's ok, because it's a fun demonstration of Parker's abilities as much as it is a display of a guy who may have once been among those last picked in gym, who can now show up a (presumably) bullying athletic-type. Parker has clearly mastered the ability to grip things. And how great does he look crouched in the air just before he dunks the ball and shatters the backboard?

Just for fun, here's the screenshot…

The Amazing Spider-Man arrives in theaters July 3. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

And for a fun flashback, here's the scene between Parker and Flash in the 2002 Spider-Man.