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Twitter user PENGUIN MANE (@Tupacca) gets credit for snapping the above pic, which is – to date – the clearest image we have of the Goblin figure showcased on the triptych poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we have been writing about for the past few days. As you can see from the below Tweets, the middle sheet of the three-panel poster definitely features a Goblin-clad figure riding a glider. Here are a few distant shots of the character. When compared to Tupacca’s, it looks like he (or she) managed to score an clear photo of the version of the Green Goblin that we’re going to see in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

So, what do we think this image tells us? I believe it confirms something I have been hearing for months now: It will be Harry Osborn, and not Norman, who turns into the Green Goblin in Webb’s current storyline. Perhaps that means the very sick Norman (played by Chris Cooper) will step into the suit and glider in subsequent Spider-Man sequels to avenge his son’s death, thereby flipping the script on the classic Goblin mythology. But that photo above sure looks like Dane DeHaan, who is playing Peter’s best friend Harry Osborn in next summer’s sequel, and not Cooper.

Twitter, of course, exploded with sarcasm.

Hard to argue. While I’m no fan of the Power Rangers design of Willem Dafoe’s suit in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man, I’m not warming up to the spiky blonde hair of a mask-free DeHaan. BUT … we’re judging a blurry shot of a character on a poster. Let’s wait and see if the Goblin is part of the trailer that’s due to arrive on Thursday, and then wait to see how Webb chooses to use this classic villain when ASM 2 opens next May.

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