There are clearly plenty of people willing to venture to the movies late on a Monday night if Spider-Man is involved. Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man made its domestic debut in theaters at midnight last night, and the box office numbers being reported suggest Marc Webb-directed film is off to a healthy start. With an estimated budget of more than $200 million for the film, that's a good thing.

Things were already looking good for the Andrew Garfield starring film, which released into theaters overseas last week. Spider-Man hit theaters in the U.S. at midnight last night and, according to Entertainment Weekly, took in 7.5 million from its stateside midnight showings. $1.2 million of that came from the 300 IMAX screenings. Certainly not a bad haul for its start in the U.S.. From what EW reports, Sony's expecting somewhere in the ballpark of $110 and $120 million for the film's first six days. If it manages to do just that, it'll be well on track to make its money back, especially when factoring in the $50.2 million it's already made overseas.

Things are certainly off to a solid start for the film. We'll have to see what kind of momentum it generates over the next few days. In the meantime, Katey Rich gave it three stars in her review, saying The Amazing Spider-Man "jumps every required hurdle for a superhero blockbuster, but just barely, and with no flair." Spider-Man is also the topic of discussion in this week's Operation Kino podcast.

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