New Amazing Spider-Man Photo Shows Peter And Gwen At School

With The Avengers on the horizon, it's almost difficult to think past May 4th enough to remember that, come July, The Amazing Spider-Man will be here. Fortunately, we have a new photo from the movie to remind us, and give us a look at a high-school-hallway moment between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

Directed by Mark Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy respectively. The photo below, generously shared by the Spider-Man Facebook page earlier today, gives us a look at Gwen and Peter as they chat in the hallway at school…

Neither looks especially happy, though that might be a trace of a smile on Parker's face. It's also worth noting that Emma Stone looks unsurprisingly adorable. Other than that, this is a decidedly non-super scene to look at on the Spidey-front, but the books and backpacks, not to mention the skateboard strapped to Parker's back definitely emphasize the teen side to this story. According to what our own Eric Eisenberg reported from Comic Con last year, part of the footage they were shown at the panel included Peter Parker getting into trouble for using his skateboard at school. So maybe this scene comes just before or after that.

The lack of action in the photo sort of contrasts from this other picture, which went up on the Facebook page earlier this month….

Parker isn't in costume in the above photo either. In fact, he may even be dressed in the same outfit he's wearing in the hallway with Gwen (brown jacket, black pants). But we get a lot more action in this one. And it does make you wonder what Peter Parker's doing using his abilities on the subway without a disguise. The framing is also worth noting, as the edges of the image are dark, like the view is partially obstructed.

The Amazing Spider-Man arrives in theaters July 3, 2012. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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