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Last week, the Daily Bugle viral site for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 added an interesting wrinkle to the Spidey comic book movie universe. The website released a fake news story written by none other than Eddie Brock (a.k.a. the man who eventually becomes Venom in the comics) that said that the psychopathic serial killer Cletus Kasady had been caught and locked in prison. Many took this piece to be a hint that the dangerous villain known as Carnage could eventually show up in a movie from the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, given that Carnage was created when Cletus bonded with an alien symboite, but will it actually happen? Now two of the key producers behind the franchise have weighed in on the matter.

IGN recently had the chance to sit down with Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, and took the opportunity to ask if there was any chance we could see Carnage show up in the Venom spin-off that is being planned to come out in a few years. Arad first complimented the idea, telling the reporter that it was a "great idea,” but Tolmach was a bit cagey about subject:
"The idea of Venom and Carnage… taking it into consideration. Watch out for this Venom movie. We are crazy excited."

Plans for a Venom movie were first confirmed back in December of last year when Sony Pictures revealed that they were developing an expansive Amazing Spider-Man universe that would hopefully rival what has been built over at Marvel Studios. In addition to the Venom spin-off, the company is also planning both Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 4, plus a Sinister Six movie. At this time we have no idea what order the movies will be coming out in, but given that Amazing Spider-Man 3 is coming out in 2016 we can probably assume that the rest will come after that. Alex Kurtzman, who co-write The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with his writing partner Bob Orci, is attached to direct the project, and he will be working on the screenplay with Orci and Now You See Me scribe Ed Solomon.

Given that both Venom and Carnage have alien symboite origin stories in the comics, it makes plenty of sense to pair them together in a film, but at this stage we really can't say whether or not it will actually happen. The rebooted franchise has certainly done its part to stay true to the comics, but it has already made some major changes to the source material (such as Harry Osborn being the first Green Goblin instead of his father, Norman). It makes sense logically to pair them up in a movie, but right now the future is a bit cloudy.

What do you think? Would you like to see Carnage show up in either the Venom spin-off or another Amazing Spider-Man franchise movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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