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New Amazing Spider-Man Toys Give Us Another Hint At What The Lizard Will Look Like

We still haven't seen an official image of The Lizard from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, but we have gotten hints at what he could end up looking like. Some of these hints have come in the form of toys, like this Pez Dispenser, while we've also seen some concept art. Sadly it doesn't seem like Sony is going to post any new images or trailers that would suggest more about The Lizard's appearance before the new year hits, but today we do have some new toys that not only show more of the villain, but also may give us a hint at some of the plot points.

*Note: Some of what you see below might be considered spoilers. If you're looking to go into The Amazing Spider-Man knowing absolutely nothing about it, turn back now.

The images come courtesy of Idle Hands. First up, let's look at an RC car featuring The Lizard, as well as its remote control, which has a nice big 'ol picture of the antagonist on it (you can see all pictures in this article full size over at the source):

Then we have an entry from Lego's retarded cousin... I mean MegaBloks. The set is titled "Oscorp Tower FX Battle" and basically features Spider-Man and The Lizard doing battle on the roof of Norman Osborne's corporation. In addition to possibly hinting at the movie's final battle sequence, you'll also notice an interesting image on the side: "Swat Lizard." There was a rumor a while back that the plot involved The Lizard infecting other people with the serum that changed him and creating an army. Could this be confirmation of that rumor? Scope it out for yourself below.

Obviously these are just toys and not meant to be taken too seriously, but I should mention one thing: I watched the Amazing Spider-Man footage at Comic Con and that isn't too dissimilar from what I saw. The biggest thing that bums me out is that none of these images feature The Lizard's trademark labcoat. Let's hope they haven't cut that from the design.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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