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America Ferrera shot to stardom by playing a role she was perfect for, the gawky but charming title character of Ugly Betty. Sure before then she'd starred in the indie hit Real Women Have Curves and the tween mini-franchise of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, but Ugly Betty was the role that earned her Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe, and name recognition that has stayed put even with the show off the air. But since Betty ended its run in 2010, Ferrera has been flying very much under the radar, lending her voice to the tough Astrid in How to Train Your Dragon and appearing in the indie Our Family Wedding, but keeping remarkably quiet beyond that.

I suppose if you've decided to start finally getting attention again, teaming up with Jake Gyllenhaal is among the better ways to do it. Variety writes that Ferrera has signed on for the cop drama End of Watch, which Gyllenhaal has been attached to and now also stars Anna Kendrick. Ferrera will play a female cop with the last name Orozco, but she's listed as a "main supporting character," meaning she's probably not part of the police force pair that the story revolves around. The film will be directed by David Ayer, whose previous film Street Kings starred Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie and Chris Evans as cops, and who also had a hand in writing cop dramas Training Day and S.W.A.T. It's probably fair to say this guy knows what he's doing when it comes to officers in uniform.

Given that Ferrera's only other upcoming project is the How To Train Your Dragon sequel, this will probably be our only chance to see her on the screen in the next year or so. Here's hoping she continues growing gracefully out of TV adolescence and into the talented adult actress we've seen glimpses of all along.