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Mining Hollywood’s past and Asia’s present for remake material has become common practice in that wonderful city we call L.A. But usually when we think of “Hollywood’s Past” our brains jump immediately into the 70’s and 80’s. Not those cinematic pioneers the Weinsteins, though, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the brothers are pushing the envelope by simply going to 2005 and cultivating Amityville Horror for yet another remake. Now that is innovation.

Hulk did it, Texas Chainsaw is doing it, so sure, let’s go ahead and let Amityville do it too. There's no explanation for why they’re not just going to make a sequel since there are several sequels to the 1979 original that they can rip off, but I guess we need to stop questioning Platinum Dunes’ motivation and just let them do whatever.

The 2005 remake starred a bearded Ryan Reynolds looking for every reason he could find to be shirtless in a horror movie and grossed $108 million on top of its miniscule $19 million budget. It wasn’t an amazing movie, but it was competent and did what it needed to do, make money and fill time, so doing ANOTHER remake defines “useless.” Within the next 5 years I’m convinced that all we’re going to see are remakes of remakes, and reboots of movie’s made after 2000. I’d like to keep up hope for the future of Hollywood, but this is a heartbreaking move in the wrong direction.

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